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life in a nutshell
And this nut is living it all!
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Just a quick note before I begin, I'd love to see comments on this.

Have you all seen this article on CNN? http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/04/voter.anger/index.html

Is America in a state of belief that change happens over night? Wether or not the bailouts are right, or the stimulus is right, I don't know, but did people REALLY expect everything to be perfect in this transition?

I can't expect for Obama to know about Daschle's tax history, in the same way we can't and shouldn't expect complete bipartisan support for a bill that is questioned by all. But is it really such a surprise to Americans that Obama's changes aren't occurring immediately? Was middle America seriously expecting things to flip around from "Let's hide things!" to "Do you like the new invisible walls?".

As an even bigger example of the challenges Obama's team still has to overcome, here's an article from the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/21/AR2009012104249.html

It seems COMPLETELY ridiculous to me to expect the Obama team to have everything together when they have to pretty much bring the White House to the 21st century on there own. I say cut some slack, it's far too early to judge the administration.

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It's great to revisit older movies. Or at least, movies that you grew up with. Tonight's case is "A Bug's Life". Despite more technically proficient movies from Pixar having come out it still has the undeniable charm that comes with it.

Also on that note, anyone that enjoys or enjoyed animation, wether it be anime, or just the classic Hanna Barbara cartoons should look here: http://tv.ign.com/top-100-animated-tv-series/ at a countdown of the top 100 animated series of all time.

Life is going great, relationshipwise. It seems Josh and I have a mutual understanding of what we both want (after all this time). Now all I need is more money and a better position at NFM and I'll be like Al Pacino, happy as a clam.

Pop Quiz, just for the hell of it. For my next game to play constantly, shall it be Final Fantasy X or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

Just to warn everyone, I'm drafting a little tirade, no, more like public service announcement to vent about a certain breed of customer I get.

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Isn't it interesting how even if two people are doing the same thing (say, working together) how we all have a different perspective on everything from how water tastes to if Tim Burton is a genius or just crazy.
Its even stranger that when someone looks at a stranger, they may look very well presented, shoes may be polished, the tie has a perfect cinch in it, but how he may actually be strapped for cash and its that cup of coffee every morning that keeps him going.
I like to think that I have learned about this in the hardest way: falling for someone who is in such a position, and then finding out they are little more than myself with a better dressing.

Just a thought I have today.

Making use of some of my pto today. Going to bellevue to have my car looked at. Lately, its been overheating a lot, oil needed changing, and the check engine light was on. Brought it in to sears to get the oil changed, but somehow, they failed to reset my in-dash computer, and they didn't even give me a sticker to proclaim when my next service should be. So, to bellevue I go since there's a meineke there that I swear by (even if it is out of the way) the gentlemen that work there are always fast, and if all I need is a top off, and it ended up that nothing was wrong, I get charged nothing. It'd be amazing if they did body work, but I suppose that's another way you can't have it all.

I'm also doing some secondary job hunting. Being that I work full time retail already I'm thinking other such positions wether its at a wal-mart or a gamestop are out of the question. My eyes are set on such positions as barista or a waiter for applebee's. Something that's social and very friendly, and something that has a potential for lots of tip money. Any suggestions?

Well, spent enough time blogging on my blackberry (!). Off to the things I need to do.

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Know what happens when people hang out at your place nearly every day for three weeks, add in a road trip and funeral and just generally bad timing?

You get LJ posts that are lost to the winds!

Now on to destroying a mountain of debt!

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Lately Life and just how frail it is has been in my visual and mental field very prominently. And it comes in some obvious cases (watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for instance) but also in some cases you don't know are coming (surprises at a hospital). It was a trip to the hospital today for very much the wrong reason to go to a hospital that brought this train of thought to mind.

My immediate family has been taking care of my mom's birth father, Rick. Now, I don't know what illness has befallen him, but it involves lots of trips to a hospital for dialysis. But, today I got a text from my mom saying that she had to bring him there and there was no telling how long she'd be there. I got that in the middle of the day and when I was able to visit at just after 8, she was still there. But, along with her was my father and Rick, lying in the hospital bed with plenty of tubes coming out. But there were also three other people, two of which were clearly a couple, and another guy off to the side. There was also another person, a close friend of my mom's. They had been together since I was in Boy Scouts. They were there to be witnesses to a will.

Now, nothing of this sort has happened in my life, much less the death of someone I have seen. No, he's not dead yet, but all that talk you hear about my generation being de-sensitized due to what's on TV and movies is complete bull. Looking at someone in a hospital bed is completely different than an actor on House. It's... it brings you back down to Earth and shows you just how humbled everyone can become.

On another but distantly related note, saw Benjamin Button. It's long (you'll spend three hours in the theater) but it's a great love story. Possibly the best love story of 2008, but then I haven't seen all of them.

Real life s getting close to speeding by. With my 21st approaching in April, my 1-year anniversary with Josh in a week, and my 1-year anniversary at NFM (yay raises!), I get the feeling that it's nothing but a speedy track on ward from here. Anyone want to prove otherwise?

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Amazing what two words will do what others can't, isn't it?

Yesterday I posted a simple status on facebook: "Life Sucks" and recieved no fewer than three comments on there and more texts asking "How come?" and "Why?" Well, it has a lot to deal with money. It sucks to be me right now because whatever money I do make goes directly to assorted collectors for assorted items, most of them needed by law. So, it's because of that that I'm looking into a 2nd job. Sure, I'll still work at NFM, but I'm planning on surrendering my killer weekend availability to work as a waiter somewhere. Currently I'm thinking Applebee's is my best bet, but you never know.

Also, because of Josh I've seen an abundance of films lately.

Valkyrie - Not all I had hoped. Tom Cruise isn't convincing as a Nazi Colonel with an eye patch and three fingers out to kill Hitler. The plot is intriguing enough but there's hardly any suspense. Also, co-stars Kenneth Branagh and Eddie Izzard don't get enough screen time and can't save the picture.

Bedtime Stories - A cute family movie about a man who works at what was his father's hotel but has been transformed into one branch of a larger hotel chain. Adam Sandler stars as this man who must babysit his sister's (Courtney Cox Arquette, poor girl) kids for a week. He tells them bedtime stories to go to sleep but discovers whatever they say comes true in a real world way. This was a lot better then I thought it would be, not being an Adam Sandler fan myself, but it works and is charming on it's own. Also, Harry Potter fans, Uncle Vernon is in the movie as the head honcho of the Hotel.

7 Pounds - Depressing and uplifting at once, the movie stars Will Smith as a man looking to give gifts to seven people who deserve it by being good people. As bad as it may seem, that's all you can say of the plot without giving more away. Directed by the man behind "The Pursuit of Happyness" and co-starring RENT and Eagle Eye's Rosario Dawson, the movie WILL produce tears. Another great drama from the former Fresh Prince.

Marley & Me - Do not think of this as a family comedy and you won't be scorned. This film is about a couple called the Grogans (Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston) who are newlyweds and work for two different newspapers in Florida. In order to postpone having children, a puppy is bought who happens to be the world's worst dog, but ends up showing the couple what a family really is. A great tale and anyone who loves animals won't just cry they'll ball. I know I did...

Yes Man - Jim Carrey's back everyone! If you enjoyed Liar, Liar, this movie will be a great reminder of that film. Jim Carrey plays a man who works at a bank but says no to everything and avoids going out and doing anything with friends. Until he makes a pact with himself to say yes to EVERYTHING. But it turns out too much of positive or negative is always bad. It's a great comedy and nice to see him return to the comedy he does best.

Otherwise, now that the holidays are over things have slowed down considerably for me. At any rate, no new releases this week or not, I have to go to work :p

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Have you ever felt like in order to have what you want, you're doing exactly what you didn't want to do in the first place? Kind of feeling like that tonight.

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So, you all knew this would come sooner or later and here it is: the Big Update! (the cliffnotes version of course).

* I'm back in Omaha, NE. Living with my boyfriend, Josh, a roommate and former classmate Mathias and a new roommate will move in soon by the name of Stacey. She's on LJ somewhere, but I don't know her name at this moment. Living in the west part of Omaha (such a great change from Bellevue)

* Working at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Now everyone who has not visited here has more than likley not heard of it. It's a store that originally just sold furniture but now sells flooring, lighting, appliances, electronics, computers, cell phones, music, movies, and anything else you could think of to furnish a home. It is the largest store of it's kind in all of the Midwest (seriously, Lowe's and Home Depot have to edit commercials around here because we do!) I technically work with Music, but I'm a geek so I get tossed around Movies, Games and Computer Software quite frequently. Nebraska Furniture Mart's (NFM's) website

* I'm not going to school. This may seem like a shock to some, but right now taking care of bills is more important. Besides, I wasn't doing well in my classes at Jamestown and I really don't know what I want to do. I still toss around ideas, but who knows if it'll come to fruition.

* I'm still a geek. In every sense of the word. I'm very excited for the new "Trek" film, I now only buy Blu-Rays with Digital Copy on them, teh internet is a godsend, yadda yadda.

* I drive around. I have a car! I didn't realize it until I was writing this, but since I've been gone I bought a car. Not a terrible one either, a 2006 Impala. It goes forward and backward. The radio works. If you want more details forget it, I don't speak "car".

* Still looking to improve myself. Sure, there have been many improvements (being mostly independent chief among them) but there are a few other details I'd like to enhance. Stuff like getting more muscle on me, getting new glasses (the ones I have had since before I moved to ND are very scratched up.) And no, it doesn't blend. Speaking of which, an iPhone would be nice too.

* I take back anything good I said about the Wii. That's right people, I renounce what love I had for the Wii, Nintendo's little platform that could simply because it is only giving half of what it promised and most games being made for it are the same thing with a different skin and name.

Anything else I didn't mention you want to know about? Let me know! It's what comments are for.

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Hey all. Boo! So, it's been a good... what, two years or so since I last posted on here, give or take, and I don't know who is still updating their LJ, uses it to any extent or anything. So, comment here while I get used to all the changes here to let me know you still come here.

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